Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to Create an Attractive Product Catalog on Your Ecommerce Platform

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After you create an online store, it is important to build an interesting catalog. As your customers are not able to touch your products, a proper descriptive catalog is needed to overcome this shortcoming.  So, an attractive catalog on your eCommerce platform can make your customers mind to purchase the product without even touching it and increase your sales.

You can create a catalog by choosing an eCommerce website builder from the various eCommerce solutions in India that offers templates. These templates are specially designed to help you in creating and maintaining product catalog. If you have an existing online store, then you should look for plug-ins and widgets that help you create a product catalog and improve your eCommerce website.

Get Ready To Create A Catalog In Just 5 Steps.

1)      Gather Information
Start gathering all the information you need to create your catalog on eCommerce platform. You will have to collect product images, product specifications, customer testimonials and make a list of products that are needed to persuade customers to make purchases. You should also pen down benefits and warnings that cross your mind while writing features.

2)      Categorize Your Products
Before posting anything on your eCommerce platform, organize your content and group your products into similar categories. You have to select a major category on the basis of one general feature (e.g. gender) and then defines several minor categories like clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Also try to keep related products together like a shoehorn with shoes on your eCommerce website. It will help your customers to search easily for the products they need.

3)       Write Product Descriptions
 Write descriptions about each product on your eCommerce platform and give all the details to avoid product returns. Include all the benefits and features of the products like the height, weight, uses and precautions. Try to use simple and lucid sentences to avoid confusion among customers that visit your eCommerce website. A good description is crisp and to the point.

4)      Get Clear Product Image
 The product image is the only thing that the customer sees when he visits your eCommerce platform, it should be clear enough. There can be a number of images of a same product from various angles for better demonstration. The picture should entail details and not take long loading times. You can click pictures yourself or hire a professional for this purpose.

5)      Set Product Price
Pricing your products is an important part of catalog as customers usually filter their searches on your eCommerce platform, on the basis of price. Mention the base price, taxes, shipping charges and all other charges that are to be paid by the customer. Set prices carefully keeping in mind the prices of your competitors, expectations of your customers and objectives of your eCommerce website.

There are many other factors that have to be kept in mind. These factors differ from industry to industry. So use your creativity and uniqueness to create an attractive catalog on your eCommerce platform.

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