Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why The Best Ecommerce Platform Is Not Working For Your Online Store

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When you start an online business, you choose the Best eCommerce platform
for your site. Still, your store might not work up to your expectations, thus giving you sleepless nights. You should optimize your eCommerce store for giving seamless experience to your customers. You can’t afford mistakes, as it may lead to abandoning shopping carts and low sales.

5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid While You Create Online Store

1)      Unresponsive Website
With MCommerce on the rise, most of the people search and shop online using their mobile phone. It is estimated that net purchases from smart phones will be $30.66 billion by 2017. The responsiveness of  mobile themes, have become a necessity these days rather than just a feature. This is because the look and feel of the store have an impact on the decision making of the customers. So don’t miss any sales and make your online store mobile responsive with the best eCommerce platform.

2)      Under Utilizing The Power Of Social Media
A proper social media strategy is very important to create brand awareness and increase customer base. Customers, after searching for a product on a search engine, usually check social page of store before buying. Social media is an important tool, as it helps you to stay connected. You can get feedback, answer queries and build lasting relations with your customers through social media.

3)      No SEO Optimized Website
It is very important to increase traffic to your online store. This has an impact on increasing sales and conversion rates. The best eCommerce platform should offer a bundle of SEO tools that will outscore your competitors and increase your profitability. Build an ecommerce website which has a rich content that interests readers and ranks your online store higher among search engines.

4)      Unattractive call-to-action button
Call to action buttons should be highlighted on every page to grab viewer’s attention and prompt action. These buttons guide your viewers about their next action and help in increasing sales. Try not put a lot of call-to-action buttons on a single page, as it will only confuse your visitors. Just put a single call-to-action button and highlight it with bold colors or a different button all together so that your customer can focus on it.

5)      Improper Customer Support
Customers often get confused as whom to ask for the information  they need. So, usually they leave the site without buying anything. Get an ecommerce websitebuilder which has live chat feature and feedback widget so that you can enhance your customer’s experience. This can be done by providing all the information they need. You will also improve from earning customer feedback and by building relationships.

Avoid these mistakes after you create an online store, to run your eCommerce website efficiently. If any such mistake is made, your customers may have a bad experience and thus spread a negative reviews.

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